Splunk, the universal platform for data analysis

What is Splunk? There are many different answers to this question. For some, Splunk is a log server, for others a monitoring tool, or you may know Splunk as an IT security solution (SIEM). Our answer to this question is: Splunk (www.splunk.com) is a universal platform for analyzing large amounts of data, and ultimately Splunk is exactly what our customers and we make of it.

Why Splunk?

  • Coverage of multiple IT application areas with one data platform
    • IT Operation: Ensuring the proper functioning of computers, servers and networks or the IT infrastructure in general
    • IT Security: Detect and defend against attacks on the IT infrastructure, or attacks that use the IT infrastructure as a vector
    • Internet of Things (I0T): Monitoring of all networked devices that are not part of the classic IT infrastructure
    • Business Analytics: Evaluation of business processes and visualization of results
  • Quickly solve most problems with the constantly evolving list of apps and addons
  • Requires low implementation effort compared to other Big Data systems
  • Installation on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid
  • Scales from small applications to global corporate structures
  • Schema on the fly: structured, unstructured and semi-structured data can be directly processed without any preparation
Dashboard in Splunk

Passionate about Splunk!

Focus on your day-to-day business and receive 360-degree support from us:

  • Architectural planning
  • Implementation of Splunk infrastructures
  • Connection of data sources
  • Implementation of Health Checks
  • App installation, configuration and customization
  • Setup and optimization of dashboards, searches and alerts
  • Integration of Splunk with other IT systems

Our promise to new customers: On the very first day of a Proof of Concept (PoC), we will show you results that will inspire you – usually even information that you have not seen before.

Professional support

As an external MSP partner, bridge:com takes over the continuous support of a Splunk installation and ensures that the four most important data processing phases in Splunk are functional and performant at all times: data input, parsing, indexing and searching (Splunk Managed Services).
Our responsibility extends across all core Splunk modules such as forwarders, indexers, and search heads, as well as additional components such as master nodes, deployment servers, and HEC or syslog receivers.

Why bridge:com?

  • Official Splunk Professional Services Partner
  • Consistent implementation of Splunk Best Practices and Splunk Validated Architectures (SVA)
  • Experience and competence from international projects
  • Various official certifications
  • Access to internal information sources at Splunk and to a global network of Splunk experts to always have the right contact for all technical and organizational questions
  • Daily exchange with Splunk experts around the world
  • Continuous training in Splunk e.g. for implementation of premium apps Splunk Enterprise Security, Splunk ITSI, Splunk Phantom

The bridge:com “Splunk Operations as a Service” model is based on two simple parameters:

  • Amount of data according to the available Splunk volume license
  • Infrastructure complexity based on Splunk Validated Architectures (SVA)

Customized, German & English language and practice-oriented Splunk training exactly according to your requirements

With suitable architectures and appropriate configurations, we can adapt Splunk to almost any data analysis task and implement customized solutions for each customer. Users, administrators and architects need solid training on how to use Splunk successfully in order to identify the possible solution for different challenges. Following tutorials, taking a quick look at the documentation, or searching the Splunk forum at answers.splunk.com is often only enough to get started, but not to operate Splunk in a permanent and professional manner.

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