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This is bridge:com

At bridge:com, we have always had networks and data in our blood. Founded in 2002 as an engineering office for technical communication, in the first few years we mainly created technical documentation for very complex network technology products that required a lot of explanation. In order to meet the high demands of this extremely agile industry, we relied early on fully XML-based documentation systems such as DITA, which on the one hand allows a very high degree of flexibility and on the other hand is open for automated document processing. In short, we have implemented solutions for processing data “over” networks.
Based on our know-how in the network area and in the automated processing of structured data, we first came into contact with the topic of network monitoring in 2011. In this field, we then processed data “from” the network itself, thus getting closer to the core of the issue. After the successful set-up of the first Splunk platform at a major telecommunications provider and a subsequent presentation at the Splunk User Conference 2013 in Las Vegas, the new direction was clear: Big Data is now the central hub at bridge:com.

We are looking for you!

As an IT service provider, we work in the future-oriented areas of Big Data and Cyber Security. Currently we are a small team (15 employees*) that would like to grow with the market demand in the coming years.

This is what we offer you:

  • Nice and open team of ambitious colleagues
  • Adequate salary
  • Flexible working conditions
  • Modern office (or home office)
  • Hot & cold drinks, snacks and fresh fruits
  • Long-term perspective in a further expanding owner-managed company

Would you like to take the next step with us in our successful company history and work in the exciting and growth-oriented industries of data analysis and IT security? Then don’t hesitate to send us your application.

Projects map

The end customers for whom we have worked in 18 countries, both nationally and internationally, include 15 of the Dax 30 companies, large SMEs and global corporations. We mainly work with Splunk, which has been in the corresponding Gartner quadrants at the top right for years

Supporter of the Ukrainian class of GHS Drimborn

We are happy to be able to bring joy to Ukrainian refugee children as part of a donation.

The Ukrainian class of GHS Drimborn has received new school and learning materials. For Christmas, each child was also allowed to choose a personalized gift: From a skateboard to board games, everything was included. Our personal highlight: One child got a Christmas tree because the family didn’t have one at home.

The students come from different parts of Ukraine and are between 10 and 16 years young. The children are currently learning German in the class and will move to other classes as soon as their German skills are sufficient.

We are Hey, Alter! Aachen

The idea behind HEY, ALTER! is to collect used laptops and computers, refurbish them and then pass them on to students who don’t have one, in order to give them more equal opportunities. Old computers for young people.

with Hey, Alter! Aachen we want to ensure that nobody is excluded from digital lessons due to a lack of technical equipment. Over 130 devices have already been distributed to several Aachen schools and Ukrainian refugees.

We are calling on companies, institutions and private households to donate their old computers.We are calling on companies, institutions and private households to donate their old computers. We make them fit again and then give them away to schoolchildren in our region.

Girls’Day 2023

We want to show that STEM careers are exciting and fun for women. On Girls’ Day, six girls visited us to gain insights into the world of computer science.

We gave the students an introduction to the basics of cybersecurity and hacking. The students had the chance to apply their knowledge directly in practice, including lockpicking and cracking passwords.

The proportion of women among IT specialists is currently 7.7%. Girls’ Day is a great opportunity to get young women interested in male-dominated professions.