Cyber Security

Since the digitalization cybersecurity issues are becoming a daily threat to businesses. Why? IT infrastructures are becoming increasingly complex and cybercrime continues to rise. 46% of german companies have already been the victim of a cyber attack. The consequences are enormous: in 2019, 88 million euros in damages were caused by cybercrime in the areas of computer fraud and the misuse of telecommunications services in Germany (source: Statista). It is very important that companies protect themselves appropriately.
After all, the question is not whether a company or organization will be hacked, but when.



IT security starts in the minds of employees, who should be aware of this issue. But other measures also protect your company effectively:

Security monitoring

Do you want to detect and fend off possible hacker attacks at an early stage? Monitor your IT systems continuously with the help of security monitoring.


Penetration Testing

Do you want to uncover hidden system vulnerabilities before real hackers do? Our experts will perform a penetration test at your company.