Implementation and Operation

The first step towards the practical implementation of the Big Data strategy is the implementation of the selected platform according to the plan from the architecture phase. The Big Data solution is then put into operation and requires ongoing care and maintenance.

Transparent cooperation

As an external service provider with a lot of experience, we help your company and, if desired, work closely with the responsible team, which can then take over responsibility. We support you from the installation to the takeover of the running operation. In close cooperation with you, we will find exactly the right scope of services that you need.

Our services

  • Installation and configuration of the Big Data platform (independently or in cooperation with the responsible team)
  • Connection of the data sources & normalization of the data
  • Develop approaches to incorporate unusual data sources.
  • Implementation of additional software components for a possibly required data preparation
  • Development of the roles and rights concept (Access Control)
  • Documentation of the customized solution and the data source set up to facilitate subsequent work
  • Ongoing care and maintenance
  • Planning the operation of the Big Data platform
  • Assumption of all necessary tasks in day-to-day operations incl. necessary updates and extensions