Data Analytics

Data analytics is an essential part of any successful business and modern business strategy. Companies that are data-driven have a competitive advantage over others because data analytics helps identify trends, gain insights, and make informed decisions that contribute to business success. During the evaluation of the data, what we at bridge:com mean by “turn your data into value” is happening: The data from a wide variety of sources is given a value. The prerequisite is the completed installation of the Big Data platform and the stable run-in of the data.

Long-term success through data analysis

Data analysis in companies or organizations always requires two components: the technical competence for the use of the Big Data solution and the professional competence of the business processes under investigation.
While these two competencies are often combined in the area of IT operations or IT security, these roles are often distributed in the areas of business intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT). That’s why expert colleagues work closely as a team with data analysts to get the most out of the data.
This often develops into a very long-term collaboration, because the close and intensive exchange between the technical side and the engineering side leads to mutual learning and understanding. Over time, this teamwork unleashes enormous potential.

Our services

  • Taking over the continuous work on the evaluations and reports
  • Detection of current errors & identification of causes
  • Pre-detection and avoidance of errors
  • Early identification of resources and their timely provision (capacity management)

Data analysis and evaluation in various business areas

There are many business areas where data analytics can play an important role. Here are some examples:

  • Logistics and supply chains: Data analysis can help improve efficiency in logistics and supply chains, for example, by identifying bottlenecks and bottlenecks and identifying opportunities to optimize deliveries.
  • IT and cyber security: Data analysis can help identify vulnerabilities in IT security and take risk mitigation measures to prevent security breaches and data loss (security monitoring).
  • Sales: In sales, data analysis can help identify sales patterns and generate sales forecasts.
  • Marketing: Data analysis can be used to understand customer behavior and preferences.

Not sure how to use data analytics for your business success yet? We will also be happy to advise you and develop an individual architectural plan.

Use Case

The safety and efficiency of transportation is of crucial importance for companies and operators. To achieve these goals, it is essential to comprehensively monitor vehicles and their components.